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Floor Graphics

TerraVistas Floor Graphics is for temporary or permanent placement on all hard horizontal surfaces outdoor or indoor

*Photographic, billboard quality messages or images of virtually any size - or shape

* Ideal for use in Signing, Advertising, Promotion, Corporate Imaging,Special Events, etc.

*Guaranteed to cost-effectively present your images.

* For use under heavy pedestrian traffic, including wearers of cleated shoes and - stiletto heels

*Suitable on concrete, asphalt, brick or other hard horizontal and vertical surfaces.

*Rugged, durable and dependable with billboard quality graphics, yet easily removable without damage to underlying surfaces.

TerraVistas Floor Graphics has been developed to provide a highly visual display panel which can be applied adhesively to vehicular and pedestrian surfaces and which is sufficiently durable to resist degradation or deterioration for an acceptable time period when exposed to ambient weather conditions. It is also resistant to wear damage from vehicle wheels. The cover layer is transparent so that the printed material remains visible. Included in the construction is a fiber reinforcement that controls the flexural rigidity and the extent of bond strength development ensures ease of removal at the end of use.The TerraVistas Floor Graphics product has been specifically created for the outdoor advertising market; its surface structure is such that graffiti can be easily removed.

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