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TopMarks for Kids

Its digitally printed array of designs creates the most exciting and stimulating playground environment ever!

TopMarks for Kids promotes key benefits and can help to:
* increase pupils' activity levels, so they become fitter and
- healthier
* allows children to not only experience and develop their
- physical skills but allows them to use their creative minds
* let's children be themselves yet at the same time enables
- them to develop appropriate moral and social behaviour.
* reduces bullying
* gives children a break from the classroom and an opportunity
- of "letting off steam"
* brings learning into the playground with a fun and
- active element.

TopMarks for Kids offers designs that really do make that difference:
* Child friendly & safe
* Non-slip surface — even when wet!
* Can be applied to virtually any surface
* Durable, hard wearing and fade resistant
* Easy to clean
* Graffiti proof
* Warranted
* Extensively tried & tested